Friday, February 15, 2019

The Family of Late Hon. Ekong Tennyson Etuknwa, MESSAGE OF CONDOLENCE

23rd June, 2018 

The Family of Late Hon. Ekong Tennyson Etuknwa, 
Ikot Ebiyak, 
Etinan L.G.A.  

The Executive Council of Ikot Ebiyak Village writes to sympathize with you on the passing of your father, brother, cousin and uncle, Late Hon. Ekong Tennyson Etuknwa of Ikot EbiyakEtinan L.G.A.  
Whenever death occurs irrespective of age, there must be memories of sadness and pains, and people especially the close relatives would be force to ask “why”. But every question finds answer in the word of God that says, “For the living know that they shall die” Ecclesiastes 9:5. 
Therefore death is not a stage in life, but an event that transcends a man’s life. It is not to be feared, rather to prepare for; because it comes at will, picks whoever he chooses and gets away untouched. 
Remember, death marks the end of earthly toils, suffering and pains, and also opens the gate of an endless life where death shall no longer prevail. 
Nevertheless, your father, brother, cousin and uncle lived a fulfilled life, left footprints in the sands of time and passed on to be at rest with his Creator 
Therefore, be consoled because God is by your side and shall see you through. We pray God to give you the grace to bear this great loss, and to the deceased eternal rest in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.  

Obong Benjamin Udoekah 

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